FAQ on electric unicycleS

- How fast can electric unicyclES go?

Depending on the model, electric unicycles have a top speed from 14 mph to 24 mph. For top speed specs on specific models, please visit the shop.

- How long does the battery last?

Depending on the model, the battery can last anywhere between 8 to 40 miles on a single charge. For battery life specs on specific models, please visit the shop

- Are electric unicycles hard to ride?

The initial learning curve can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few days depending on skill level. Those that can already ride a regular pedaled unicycle or do advanced BMX/fixie bike tricks have the shortest learning curve.

Learning to ride is best described as re-learning how to ride a bicycle again since forward movement is required to balance, like a bicycle. But once balanced is mastered, riding and balancing on an electric unicycle feels just like riding a bicycle (without the pedaling of course!).

- Do you offer training?

Yes we do! We offer FREE training to those wanting learn the art of gliding around on electric unicycles. Contact us for more details or be sure to come to any of our future demo sessions!

- Can you ride on grass, dirt, rough pavement, ect?

Electric unicycles can ride anywhere mountain bicycles can. The key is the 14 to 18 inch air-tubed rubber tread bicycle tire that all electric unicycles use. This makes it possible for electric unicycles to handle nearly any terrain including

  • Grass
  • Dirt
  • Boardwalks
  • Cobblestone
  • Rail road tracks
  • Wet beach sand
  • Cracks, bumps, curbs

Electric unicycles can also handle wet roads with ease. Skeptical? Just see for yourself...


- Are you allowed to ride on the street, sidewalk, bike trail, mall, ect.?

The laws on the operation of electric unicycles vary depending on region and private business rules. As of right now in the US, electric unicycles are in a legal grey area for use out in public since there are no laws permitting nor prohibiting public use. With that said, we are actively working with lawmakers and police all over Texas to give a formal legal definition for electric unicycles to be treated under the same rules as bicycles.

In the meantime, good practice is to ride your electric unicycle anywhere you can ride a bicycle until police actively prohibit you. If they do, please contact us so we can work on changing those laws and rules.

- Are electric unicycles waterproof?

Electric unicycles are water resistant against small splashes and even against rain, but we would not recommend going swimming with them! 

- Do they explode and catch on fire?

Electric unicycles sold by Electric Glider use type "18650" Lithium-Ion batteries either made by LG Electronics, Panasonic, or Sanyo (a Panasonic Division). They have proven to be the safest batteries on the market to be not only used in electric unicycles, but in many other electronics such as vape pens, laptops, and even Tesla cars!

With that said, we cannot guarantee the safety of other brands of electric unicycles especially cheap no-name brands found online. Cheap knock-off batteries do not have the necessary safety features to prevent explosions. Be sure to spend the little bit of extra money on electric unicycles (or any other electronic device) that have good brand name batteries.

- Can I take it on a plane?

Unfortunately electric unicycles along with many other types of electric ridables with large batteries are not allowed on planes right now. However we are actively working with government officials and airlines to figure out a solution that will make it possible to fly with an electric unicycle.